Inside the Trilogy Trunk :: SAVE 25% on Aveda Skincare products

Protect your skin with natural, organic Aveda Skincare products and SAVE 25% on all the products featured in the trunk: 

  • Aveda Green Science  – all natural, organic anti-aging skincare line, promises better skin in just 4 weeks
  • Aveda Enbrightenment –  all natural color-correcting skincare line
  • Aveda Outer Peace  – all natural blemish reduction skincare line with a four-step regimen that has a 92% success rate in just four weeks


Refer-A-Friend Program :: You Both Save 10%

Remember, there is no limit on the number of referrals! Continue to save 10% on your next service by referring a friend, or loved one. Have a spouse that needs a new look? Or a family member that could use pampering ? Remember, all of our salon services include at least three relaxing sensory experiences – hand treatment, hot foot soak and treatment, scalp massage, hot towel mini-facial or a make-up touch up.

In case you forgot, the program is simple! Refer one of your friends to us and you both save 10%. Your friend will receive their 10% service discount on their first visit, and you will receive your 10% service discount once your friend has visited. And, refer 4 new friends to Trilogy Salon, and your NEXT haircut is FREE!